how to record

One of the features is the ability to record on Windows devices and even up to 20 simultaneous channels if the device and the internet are powerful enough. Let’s see how it is used!

Record the current channel

  • Start playback of the desired channel
  • The record button is available in the player controls on the left. Click on it
  • In the upper part a red circle appears indicating that you are recording. If there is more than one recording, it indicates the number of simultaneous recordings.

Record any channel

  • Start playing a channel
  • Press CHLIST to see the list of channels
  • Search for the desired channel
  • Press and hold / right-click on the channel to display the context menu.
  • Press on recording
  • It shows a dialog in which you must indicate if you want to put a timer to the recording so that it automatically stops. 0:00 to record “infinity”
  • Once saved the changes, you will start the recording.

NOTE: The remote recording option is for recording to start on another Windows device that has the app installed.

Stop recordings and watch recordings

  • In the main screen, click on the recordings menu
  • In the loaded page shows the active recordings and the finished recordings.
  • Pressing on the active recording allows you to stop recording. On the finished ones it allows you to see them. If you keep clicking on the finished recordings, the contextual menu is displayed where you can change the name, delete, transfer and if it is a private channel even export the recording.