DVB-I ¿what is it and how work?

One of the features of the app is the support of the DVB-I standard, what is it? Given the great evolution of telecommunications, the internet, mobiles, tablets… They allow us every day to access entertainment content in more places as trying to make TV Online Univ, and the television networks try to give this reach with their websites, official apps… But it does not have the same experience that DT offers (DVB-T), so the DVB organization is developing the DVB-I protocol (https://dvb.org/solutions/service-discovery-metadata/#dvbi ) which is to offer the DT experience that we have in TVs but via the internet, so that third-party devices and apps (such as TV Online Univ) can offer TV channels to users without having more than a legal app or web.
Currently the protocol is in development and the app partially supports the protocol (lacks the electronic guide), but you can try it while they finish developing the protocol by activating DVB-I in the app and add the registration url:
Once the list is synchronized, you have several channel lists available that are available depending on the country you are in and if it is working, because it is development environment if I have understood well. The official DVB-I works in all countries.