How to transfer a recorded program between devices

Sometimes we record a program that we want to see later, but we have the need to see it in another device for example on the Xbox, on the phone during a trip, etc. The app allows us to transfer the recorded program between Windows devices in an easy way. Let’s see then how.

-We start the app on both devices. Remember, you should not minimize the app or change to other app, because the transfer would stop. And obviously they should be on the same local network so that the recorded program can be transferred.

-We verify in the configuration of both apps that the option of remote control is activated.

To avoid problems because the device may not be authorized, try to play a channel remotely. Keep a channel pressed and in the displayed menu click Play on TV Online Univ. On the device page, remember to select a network device. The Microsoft account option is incompatible with the transfer of recorded programs.

Once you have started playing remotely and communicating correctly on the local network, let’s start with the transfer.

-Go to the recorded programs

-Look for the desired program and press the secondary button (or press and hold it in the touch case) to display the secondary menu

-On the menu click on Transfer. The transfer will begin automatically.

When the transfer is completed, you will receive a notification indicating the completion or error of the transfer. While you can see other channels or recorded programs. The transfer time will depend on the speed of the local network.

-Once the transfer is completed, it can be displayed on the target device.

If you have any questions you can contact through the different channels available and I help you.