Syncing between devices

If we have various devices with the app, it maybe result a complex task because we have to set channels (visibility and order) as we wish, really?

Not think more, there are 3 ways to sync channel list. Go!


This method is available for only windows and only you need to start session with a Microsoft account and you have activated the automatic or manual option to sync channels. The option is available on setting page of app, and if you are using last version of windows 10, you can find it on syncing section of setting page.

Syncing network

It is available on all platforms and you have to have devices on same network in order to be able to transfer the information. The next requesit is app can be controlled remotely.if it works,you can go to setting page (syncing section on last windows 10 versions) there are a button in order to do a backup on other device.

Backup file

This method is nly available on windows yet. It exports the configuration of channels to a file that is recognize by app. When you open the file or load it from app, app rescue the saved state. This method is very usefull to hsare channels between friends, family, forums, etc.

If you have questions dudes, etc. You can contact with me from any available ways,.