Where are public channels in iOS?

You have an iOS device, you have just downloaded the app and where are they? Why are there functions in the app that are blocked? Surely you’re wondering, right? I’m going to tell you what happened and what solutions there are.


In order to publish the app in the Apple store it has to pass the certification process which has taken 2,5 months to get the app to be accepted with a requeriment, public channels aren’t available by default in the app despite being official channels.


As users haven’t these restrictions, so the app despite being functioning only as manager and player lists M3U, W3U and XML as explained in another article on the web (you can read it here), you can add manually the official list that is available by default in Windows and Android apps. The steps are these:

  • Start app
  • Go to the menu on the left (do the gesture from left to right)
  • Click Add
  • On the loaded page, set the following parameters:
  • Select in type: List
  • Name (without quotes): “TV Online Universal”
  • Url (without quotes): http://www.tvones.com
  • Tap on save button.
  • Wait a time while it prepares everything.
  • Country manager will be loaded automatically, select countries that you wish and tap on sabe button.
  • When load icon stop, tap on “public/private” button in order to change to show public list. It is available!

If you have any doubts, write me to help you. A sample video about how you have to do: