How could I add channels or lists?

First of all we must know that sources are supported by the app to know what to look for. The most common when looking for are the lists, and in the case of TV Online Univ supports 3 types of lists M3U, W3U and the format itself XML. You have more information on what they’re like here.

The most common format is the M3U due to the high compatibility between applications, so it is quite common to find lists in this format. So you will have to search in forums, blogs, private companies, etc. Although now you can create lists very easily thanks to the engine introduced with which you can put addresses of the official channels. Read the steps and try the example list here

Sometimes these lists can be downloaded locally or have a URL. Because the addresses change, they are recommended as far as possible to have the URL, because the app can synchronize the list automatically every 24 hours and thus avoid having to be erasing and adding the new list.

If you use the local list, you can add it in two ways. The first way is to double click on the file with extension m3u or w3u to load it in the app automatically. The other option is to add it from the app, start the app, click on available add button on the menu. On the new page, select the list type as local and select the list in the browser. The app will charge you.

If you have the URL of the list, go the Add page and select the list type. You indicate a name to the list, specify the URL and finally click Save. The app queries the URL and synchronizes the contents of the list.

Add an individual channel and which formats it supports.

The first thing we must know are the protocols it supports that are several:

  • Smooth Streaming (ISML/Manifest extension)
  • HLS (m3u8 extension)
  • MMS
  • RTSP
  • YouTube Video
  • YouTube Live (direct video or indicating the channel)
  • Ustream Live
  • TS
  • HTTP/HTTPS accessible content
  • rtmp (short type link)

Once we have the URL, start the app, go the Add page available in the menu. In the type, select Channel. You have to write the name and the URL. The next available option is the category. By default, the category “Private” appears, you can specify the category that you want to use in the other organization modes.

Finally, there is an option that is called “Search on the Web”. If you have the URL, this option should remain disabled to work. What is this function for? If you do not know the URL or URL changes often, the app can automatically search for the link on the web that you indicate in two cases: HLS and YouTube. In future updates this feature will be improved to facilitate the use of this feature. If you change between list and channel, you notice that this feature only appears when it is in channel type. If you want to create a list with this function, you have to add to the URL “tvonlineuniv://” in front and so the app will perform the search on channels that have this.

If you have any questions, contact me on any available channel.