How to control remote app

Sometimes we find the need to control the app remotely, either to play or record content, and TV Online Univ supports it. To be as flexible as possible to adapt to the varied situations, it has different control options that are:

  • Automatic network detection: To work it must be on the same network.
  • Scan QR: The app scans the QR of the other device that must be on the same network
  • Write code: The app on each network generates a code that allows it to be configured.
  • Microsoft Account: It is necessary for both devices to use the same account. The advantage that can be used from different networks. Currently woring only on Windows, pending correction on Android.

In the case of the Web version, it can be done via QR or the code and from any network. Once we know them, let’s see how they work:

  • Start the app on both devices
  • Check both in the Configuration, connectivity section, that the remote control is activated.
  • On the device that acts as a remote control, go to a channel that you wish and hold/right-click to access the context menu.
  • On the menu tap play on TV Online Univ.
  • When it is the first time, the device page will be loaded to show network devices and devices in the Microsoft account. The options for scanning and writing code are available in the lower menu.
  • Select a device or the option you want.
  • On the device that will be controlled, a message will appear if you want it to be controlled by the X device. If you click OK, ask if you want to trust the device to not ask in other sessions. And the channel will start playing.
  • The following channels you send to play are automatically started

Remember that if the app is closed, you need to repeat the process of selecting the device you want to control.

You can also connect/change the device from setup at any time. In addition, by making the step through configuration page, you open the possibility of making transfers between recording devices like the synchronization of the channels that you can consult in other available articles.