Surf secure and without restrictions

Security and restrictions.
Sometimes, when we want to see certain content, we may find that website, videos, YouTube, TV channels, etc. Aren’t played by restrictions. Those restrictions can be able to by different parts, for example, the Wi-Fi network of companies that don’t wish we see certain contents, the provider of content has geographical restrictions, etc. And obviously, the security. If you are on Wi-Fi network, as for example, it isn’t recommended that you see confidential content.

Are there solutions for this type of problems/needs?
Obviously, we have to use services that are known as VPN (Virtual Private Network). It is as a tunnel, where all your traffic to internet is sent using the tunnel to the server of company where the traffic goes to internet.
So, restrictions of network, provider, etc. you can skip with it, because you are go out to internet on other point of world. And it gives you a security layer, because the navigation is protected to server, so your local network can’t know what websites are visited, etc.

Sample, recommendation
We have been trying different services of VPN, in order to know how work with app, price, trial option… and there is winner, VPN TunnelBear.
It has different countries in order to select where you want to go out to internet, it works good with app on windows (desktop) and android, in addition it has free block to use each month.

You can start with Service here