How to configure udpxy

In this post I will tell you how udpxy is installed in the different devices to be able to use it.

Raspberry, Linux, Ubuntu, …

We will have to download the tool:

Wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/udpxy/files/latest/download?source=dlp

Once downloaded, you have to unzip it

tar -xzvf udpxy.1.0.23-0-prod.tar.gz

After decompressing it, we compiled and installed it

cd udpxy-10.0.23-0

sudo make

sudo make install

Finally we execute it:

sudo udpxy -p 4022

When it is executed as root, it will run as a daemon. And you’re done, you can create the list by pointing to the IP of the device in port 4022


You download the following tool http://borpas.info/download/UdpProxy.exe

When you execute it and a window will open, by default the port is 7781. Click on Start button and you’ll have it working. To avoid having the window open, you can run it as a service and so you can close the window and keep running.

Routers as Asus

If you have a router that have this tool by default. We must go to the corresponding configuration menu and specify the port where we want it to be working and Ready.